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Infant / Toddler Environments: A Guide to Setting Up Your Space to Encourage Children to Play

Rethinking Environments

Supporting Early Childhood Professionals

Transitioning to
Care Teaching

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Who am I?

I am Julie Sizemore, creator of RESPECT Care Teaching. I am a wife and mother of two children. I have been in the field of early childhood education since 1999 in many different capacities. I have worked in home based child care, center based child care, been a home visitor, and a community liaison.

Currently, I work full time as a faculty member at the GRCC Phyllis Fratzke Early Childhood Learning Laboratory (ECLL).

In the evening and on weekends, I provide in person and online training focused on infants and toddlers for the early childhood community as well as consultation for centers and home providers.

I specialize in working with infants and toddlers with special needs, suspected disabilities, and transforming environments / routines to meet the needs of all children.

I am a fierce advocate for treating infants and toddlers with respect and educating people on developmentally appropriate practices.

If you have questions regarding situations you are navigating with children, families, professional development,

or any other topic related to early childhood

email me at:

Our Community. Our Family

What does RESPECT Stand For?

Re-Thinking Environments

Changing your environment can change the way children engage. I can help you reimagine your space so that it works for you not against you.

Supporting Professionals in Early Childhood

The field of early childhood serves children from birth to age 8.

I specialize in infants and toddlers, but I am here to support anyone who works with children in early childhood.


to care teaching

Care teaching is simply a way of interacting with infants and toddlers. It promotes the idea that infants and toddlers are people to do things with rather than objects to do things to.

"Do Less; Observe More; Enjoy Most" Magda Gerber

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